Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun Volume 2 is open for PHYSICAL and DIGITAL preorders! Order a digital copy on our or a physical on our BigCartel!


  • March 18 - April 1: Writer Applications

  • April 1: Writers selected

  • April 2 - August 30: Writer work period

  • June 18 - July 1: Artist Application

  • July 1: Artists selected

  • July 2 - October 30: Artist work period

  • October 10 - October 30: Preorders

  • October 31: Digital Sales Only

Works Included in Vol 2

  • No God Like One's Stomach

  • Walking on the Sun


  • March 17,1984

  • Stay Cats Play Philidor

  • I Dreamed You a Sin

  • Come As You Are

  • Sleepwalker

  • Why Worry

  • PDO


Black Hole Sun is a yearly horror zine produced by Falgift, TWLBOAJ and Pixlstars. It's done in Big Bang Style, eight writers (one for each part) are selected and write their fics. Then, eight paired artists illustrate a scene from that fic leading to one, cohesive, anthology type zine.

Frequently Asked

Q: Is this a yearly event?
A: Yes!

Q: Will volumes always be available for purchase?
A: All current and previous volumes will always be up for sale on our page.

Q: When are applications for Volume 2 opening?
A: The estimated date is mid-April but this is subject to change. Follow our Twitter (@BHSzine) for frequent updates.

Q: Will future releases be digital only?
A: Not this year! Physical copy preorders are now OPEN on our BigCartel!